#NewThing2016 Cassava Flour!

Lately, I’ve been hearing more and more about cassava flour as a fantastic gluten free flour alternative. Now, those of you who know me know that I don’t do much (or any) baking. Ever. Something about all the precise measuring just really doesn’t appeal to me; that’s just not the way I operate in the kitchen. (Incidentally, the more recipes I come up with, though, the better I’m having to be about measuring ingredients.) So I wasn’t sure that I would actually use the Cassava flour to its full potential.

But I was finally persuaded to buy some Otto’s Cassava Flour because I was wanting to try a new tortilla recipe that I saw online at forkandbeans.com.

cassava flour

The recipe I found online is also the recipe on the bag of Cassava Flour, so I figured that it had to be good.  It only has 3 ingredients and was super quick and easy to make. That being said, the texture of the tortillas wasn’t quite right for the enchiladas that I planned to make with them, so instead, I decided that they were flat bread and served them with an amazing Rosemary Chicken & Potato Soup that I made last night, the recipe for which will be up soon.

The flat bread was absolutely delicious; Mike ate it with butter, and it was a perfect accompaniment to the soup.

I have plans to create a gluten free Naan out of this flour, so stay tuned for that as well.

And before you go, here are a few fun facts about cassava.

*Cassava is also referred to as Yuca.

*It is a root vegetable that, in its raw form, actually contains the toxin, cyanide. Take home lesson: don’t eat raw cassava.

*Cassava flour is made by peeling, drying, and grinding the cassava root. Tapioca flour is also made from the cassava root, but it is made by a different process that involves washing and pulping the root. Tapioca flour and cassava flour are NOT interchangeable.


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